You what!

“I quit the Internet last year,” my friend’s sister said at yesterday’s Women 2.0 pool party.

One of the more shocking moments I had at the pool party where guys outnumbered the girls. While talking to a member of Flock, he noted that this web 2.0 community is like high school but with the ability to drink alcohol and lack of parental observation. Pretty much that’s what it was. It was full of mostly twentysomethings scattered with thirtysomethings making small talk about what companies they just started, the power of being a community ambassador, and overall feeling of how to get the next round of funding.

In comparision to my experience at Lunch 2.0 and Bowling 2.0, this time it was much more friendly and social. Possibly because of the food and drinks. Not to mention, I had dragged a few CMUers and Rescompers along to the party.

As for the comment, she said that she had to get back in for her sister. Since after all, her sister beats me on the number of social networks she has joined.

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