Moving out

There’s this crucial step every adult child must take. Moving out. I want to take it. I loved the 2 years I was away in grad school. The 3000 miles away taught me many things I didn’t learn in undergrad when I was only 12 miles away.

But then now. Free rent and free food*. And then come the guilt trips of we have such a big house, why don’t you just live here? And then the you’re wasting money. when i was your age, i lived with my parents for years And of course the girls don’t move out until they’re married. Ok, so my parents didn’t say the last one (they’re not that old-fashioned hopefully).

But still. Right now, I am on a roommate search rampage in San Francisco. The search isn’t doing that great. But I am still looking.

After all, I took a bus. Ended up on a bottom of a hill and started climbing in the dark of a San Francisco night.

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