Getting older

My coworker and his friends are in their late twenties, almost breaking into the thirties. Like every year, he throws a Halloween party–something to be the party of the year. But this year, he observed aloud, “Seems like the older we get, the less excited people are about things like this. When a core person gets a girlfriend or boyfriend, somehow things changes.”

I countered saying that it’s always the core people that matter. That to make something important and interesting to them will keep it going. But isn’t it? About half of my friends are in long-term steady relationships. There are the kinds where they disappear into their own world and there are the kinds where I actually meet the significant other. But will things cool off? Will we find ourselves in the predictable ways of white picket fences in suburbia, sending annual xmas cards without signatures? Is that our fate?

People naturally settle in rountine. It’s easier than living in spontaniety, but at the same time, the former whiff of youthful adventure is gone too.

In other news, I still have no idea what I should be for Halloween.

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