A silent deathlike failure

On Monday night, I inserted my roommate’s Julietta Venegas latest album into my powerbook. Then it immediately rejected it–spitting the cd back out. I tried five more times but to no avail. I thought that it was just a badly formatted cd.

But today, I inserted my Under the Influence of Giants cd. At first, I heard that satisfying growl and waited for the spinning woosh. Nothing. Nothing on my powerbook desktop. Nothing. I calmly hit the eject button. Nothing. Again. Trying to contain my panic, I paused for a minute and hit the eject button. It finally spit back out. But then I immediately forgot my panic and stuffed it in again in hope.

45 minutes later (and a nice journey into the macworld of troubleshooting), I sadly had to declare my powerbook’s optical drive to be dead. Eris (the powerbook) wasn’t even 3 years old yet!

3 thoughts on “A silent deathlike failure

  1. Unfortunate, really.
    :) I support apple… it’s kewl, but despite their design, I generally don’t like the quality of the build of their notebooks.
    I’ve checked them out at Fry’s…

  2. Hi Tink!! I mean..Jenn :D
    Oh my powerbook is acting up as well. Certain keys don’t work, and it’s just over a year old.
    I had a defective battery, and I have a suspicion that it might’ve overfriend some cables :(

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