1 thought on “Can you really learn a lot from a rich girl?

  1. That’s an interesting story. I’m also intrigued by how she paid off the bills (did you read the next entry that was linked at the bottom?). I just wonder where her credit card bills got sent to during that process. But I guess that is one way to pay off your debt very quickly.

    What is your net worth? If you take into account all the loans, the checking & savings accounts, the credit card debts, anything financially that you own – how does it end up? Keep it in the black.

    Quicken is a fun way to track everything. Now, instead of compulsively spending, I compulsively play with Quicken. It may not sound like fun, but you’d be amazed at the financial clarity that comes with having *everything* financial listed in one tiny list box in one tiny window. My life is a number. Red numbers bad. Black numbers good.

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