evdo, love you i do

Thanks to work, I have an access to an evdo card. A card that allows me to have broadband wireless anywhere. And simply put, it’s fantastic.

Purely because at my parents’ house, broadband internet does not exist. Dialup internet still reigns large out here in the suburbs of San Francisco. And the sweetness of being using the laptop anywhere is something I need to remind myself not to take for granted.

After all, I am no longer in Carnegie Mellon University. Not in Pittsburgh.

And definitely not near any San Francisco 2.0 cafe.

Update 12/15/2007:

Welcome GigaOm readers!

It’s one year later and since those 3 days at my parents’ house, I have not used evdo. I did enjoy the convenience of having broadband without being attached to the wall. But I don’t know anyone who has an evdo that isn’t supported by their company. I still have yet got one for personal use. An xmas present for myself? Unlikely.

Friendly hint: Writers might want to check their sources.


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