When I am 25, will the world change?

Alex tells me that when I turn 25, I will stop discovering new bands and will stop listening to music. I will download the podcasts of NPR and listen to them on a daily basis.

It’s just over two months away—the day I turn 25 and perhaps the world will crash.

Where I currently work now, people regularly have their headphones on. Before, I never liked listening to something while I worked because I didn’t like missing out on any conversations that would be going around me. However, I started conforming to the culture and listened to my ipod on a daily basis. Then at some point, my ipod started playing this episode from Montreal Popcast—one that was rather investigative about sex. Even though it was mostly talk, it was interesting and kept me awake while I drilled through a huge deck of wireframes. Unlike the music from Sufjan Stevens which as great it is…has the unfortunate tendency to drop a sleepy mood over me.

Is this a sign? Am I doomed to start listening to talk shows? The following day I listened to a show about Halliburton and its controversy in the Middle East. It was an eloquent and articulate conversation from the host and guests. But what is it? It wasn’t exciting enough like the beats from my fast-paced music. Or perhaps, I prefer the tastes of Savage Nation, which I grew up with my dad listening to it almost daily.

I discover a new band/artist every month. When I turn 25, will I suddenly grow up? I hope not. After all, not every conversation is worth listening to.

Yesterday, I went to my first Yelp-sponsored party at the Mighty. One highlight of the night was when I found random individual girls dancing alone to the live electronica band. I joined them swinging my bag about and drank up the pseudo-pretentious mood with a Yelp name tag that said “jenn n.”, which I had written deliberately in lowercase.

4 thoughts on “When I am 25, will the world change?

  1. I seemed to have survived the day. Honestly though, I can think of better thing to say with my last dying breath than that.

  2. Thwarted by the Pacific time zone difference again. The Ides are not over. Excuse me while I rap myself up in tin foil and cower grasping at two potatoes and a carrot.

  3. I’m almost 28 and still constantly looking around for new music. These days the proliferation of both mp3 and traditional blogs makes it easy. I think the 25 rule may be a relic of the past, when leaving your college social network behind meant that staying up on new musical trends became really difficult and time-consuming.

    I expect the greater challenge will be staying current after having kids…

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