Are you one of the six?

I recently just started a new job where I got a nice title of user experience designer. Before, I was very hesitant at any titles that were interaction designers or usability analysts. It was too focused. And the worst—information architect—which implied a sad lonely life in front of a computer screen.

I came across the six species of information architect. Oddly enough, I am…one of those six. Perhaps more leaning toward the new kind of user experience. I do deal with a great amount of information. One of my major job responsibilities is simply to lay out the information in a clear and coherent way—often the main usability challenge.

I am a nouveau IA (fresh skin graduate types). But I am not a fresh undergraduate. And somewhat a combination of Usability IA. I come from a generation freshly schooled through user experience (and from those older IAs, as if UX can really be taught!) Yeah that’s right with my masters in human computer interaction, I can do anything!

Or at least, I like reading and thinking. Doing? That comes after I read and think. And attend that one conference. And the one after that…

1 thought on “Are you one of the six?

  1. I didn’t know that the job title Information Architect had such depressing connotations. Now that I have a vague consultant-ish job title, I miss identifying as an Information Architect. And having just spent a few days with about 500 of them, I can confirm that they are certainly not living sad, lonely lives in front of the computer. At least. not all the time.

    Embrace the inner IA! (Whichever species you may be).

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