I thought thrift stores were for hipsters….

After my tea party for my upcoming birthday (mmmm…tea), I went to the local thrift store with Chris and he was overcome with serendipitous discoveries.

As we wandered the upstairs, we came across the toy area preparing for our costume for Bay to Breakers Then we came across the book section where Chris came across a mint copy of Harry Potter for less than a $1. Then the board games…and then the artwork, the photos, the furniture.

And about an hour later, we struggled downstairs with our load. Spending less than $30 (including tax) and waddled our way back to my apartment. It’s cheaper than spending money at a garage sale where things may be priced at $10. But at this particular thrift store, new things come in all the time. And most of it is often high quality and clean.

But besides the ugly sweaters I bought there for my holiday party last year, I still have yet to convince myself to peruse the clothing selection.

And then I always think, the dishes, the cups and the silverware…I am ok with using it at restaurants why am I reluctant to have the same in my home? The fact of the matter is…we know the owners and we have trouble dealing with something when the ownership is almost..unclear.

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