Mr. Purple Jelly Monster

When I am running dual monitors from my powerbook, I have the external monitor set to a wallpaper of a purple jelly monster roaming a city of white stick people.

There were two job interviews where I presented accidentally displaying the purple jelly monster wallpaper on the projector when I plugged in my laptop. At one job interview, the people present were amused and laughed as I apologized for the wallpaper’s appearance. I got an offer. At the other job interview, nobody said anything and so I make a joke about how that wallpaper accidentally appeared. I didn’t get an offer.

Granted, there was probably more than the wallpaper that got me through the interview. But perhaps the purple jelly monster roaming the streets matched a whimiscal personality I seeked in my next opportunity. But ultimately, I still wonder if that one wallpaper determined my fate in those interviews. One for the better and one for the worse? First impressions.

Although I didn’t take that offer, I don’t think I would have been happy with a place that didn’t find a purple jelly monster incredibly amusing.

1 thought on “Mr. Purple Jelly Monster

  1. I decided to google “purple jelly monster” randomly after reading your post. Needless to say, you were number 1 on the search. Right after that was “Monster Cock Vibe – Purple”. For some reason I did not see that coming.

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