Chubba fingee

I never liked chubby fingers. If you asked me, what I find the most appealing (physical) aspect of the opposite gender, it’s the hands. Specifically fingers.

A friend rationalized my reasoning for me. If someone had chubby fingers, they obviously had some health issues. Overweight. Ungainly. Pleasantly plump. And perhaps, I can rationalize my superficiality.

But right now, I have a chubby left pointer finger due to my allergic reaction to an insect bite conveniently on the inside of my pointer finger. The typical folds I have in my fingers leading to my usual double-jointedness are gone and filled with tautness. All is replaced by this finger that can barely bend at 45 degree angles and itches like crazy.

Early this morning, I stumbled out of bed groping for my Benedryl cream and smeared it all over my finger. Then I curled back into a ball with my finger spread out, far away from my right hand. The right hand that so desperately wanted to rub and scratch that annoying itch.

1 thought on “Chubba fingee

  1. I just got back from China (it was fun!) and have a heat rash over my arms and legs. I want to SCRRRRRRRRAAAAATCH so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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