Hookers on Friday

Movies about Hookers

In the dark parking lot of Rainbo Bread on 16th, they projected several films. I walked there after grabbing dinner at home, trying to think of something to do and found this film fest on Laughing Squid.

I had expected the crowd to be…a closeknit tribe, all knowing about the films made. But surprisingly, there were wanderers of all sorts. A man carried a cardboard box of snacks. Bread, sliced fruit, etc. As he walked by, I could smell the baked goods, but like everyone else, I shook my head politely. Don’t take food from strangers especially in a dark parking lot.

We stood in a group—of about twenty or so—watching the film on wall of graffiti. A film satire about technology for the hooker—a gps device that could be embedded in the hooker’s shoes so that she could find friends and protect herself if ever needed. Then a film about sex workers in South America. And another about the trade between United States and South Asia. And yet another about a prostitute that was progressive and bought a new wave of thinking.

It was all interesting standing there at 9:30 pm in my flip-flops. Most were in couples. Some curious. Some knowing. Many had arrived by bike or foot. Holding hands or hands to their sides. The hipster outfit. The outfit from a fancy dinner—a girl hanging onto the guy.

The film editing was somewhat awkward and clumsy. Shots that lingered too long and cuts that should have been more smoother.

Eventually I did leave…adding another experience to my book.

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