The most scariest part of skydiving

After my sister and I jumped out of the airplane, suddenly our parents wanted to do it too. They demanded and spent time looking at our photos and videos. And now, despite how old they are, they want to go.

What is the scariest part? Is it jumping off the airplane?

A little bit. The moment that you realize you’re going to step into nothingness. But really like a friend said before, it’s when I signed my life away to the papers.

The papers that say that I can’t sue the skydiving company, the airplane manufacturer, the parachute manufacturer, the instructor, the clothes, etc etc etc.

I did end up scratching my ankles slightly because I forgot to put my legs in front instead of tucked under me.

But another worst part?

I got really bad motion sickness going in the plane and floating downwards as my instructor tried to show me the different views of the Bay Area, moving to the right and moving to the left.

2 thoughts on “The most scariest part of skydiving

  1. Scariest part is definitely when you start exiting the plane. My thought on signing the waiver was that if my chute didn’t open, it would be pretty tough for me to initiate legal proceedings from within my crater in the ground anyway, so does it really matter? :-)

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