Glow in the dark party!

In celebration of my roommate officially quitting law (after only one year working in the real world!), we had a party Saturday night. An 80s and glow in the dark theme. The 80s part…somewhat pulled off, but the glow in the dark theme. Oh yes. We got light sticks, glow in the dark stars, glow in the dark stickers, glow in the dark animals, jars filled with glowing liquid, highlighters, tonic water (which glows in the dark…). Pretty awesome overall!

Some highlights:

  • surprising items of clothing glowing—like buttons
  • our neighbor around the corner stopped by
  • my friend going outside to take a phone call and talking to a girl next door standing on a higher balcony…for 45 minutes straight
  • the 80s music rocking out even though a good group of people went to my roommate’s room (because he had a better sound system…but not better music taste!)
  • Dave magically turning my neon large dice into 6 small-sized dice. it was like magic!
  • Learning about how law is awful as a profession
  • Creating a masterpiece of glow in the dark stickers on a person’s face
  • Making food…and lots…of mistakes, but some actually was good…or so people say…
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