The most common birthday

Last Friday was Alan’s birthday. Then Naim’s birthday. Then today was Sam’s birthday. Happy birthday! Then another friend. Then another friend’s birthday. Then Chris’ birthday. Then another friend’s birthday. And another. It drives me a bit crazy that suddenly there are so many birthday this month.

Why all in the month of September?

Because 9 months ago is the winter. When people are most likely trying to stay warm. And perhaps some people are so joyous by the holiday cheer. From Christmas and New Year’s.

According to yahoo, the most common birthday is October 1st where conception would have occurred exactly around New Year’s.

But what is the least common birthday?

Yahoo says according to their research:

The survey also found May 22 to be the least common birthday. As yet, no guesses as to what it is that happens in late August (nine months prior to that date) that routinely turns so many people off. Perhaps it’s just too darn hot?

Hey, that’s my birthday! My parents defied the norm! I was that ripe 9 months, no more and no less. I have met only one other person with the same birthday. I wonder where she is now…

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