On reviews

I have a major gripe with user-generated reviews. Even though user-generated content is all fine and dandy, there are certain things that should be paid with more care.

Like…restaurant reviews. On yelp.

Every so often, I decide to find a business close to me. The closest laundromat. A good sushi restaurant. A place that sell fabric or picture mattes.

And I come across reviews that give a place 4 stars out of 5 because the reviewer never went inside, but the review heard it’s cool and has walked by it so many times. What? Or worse yet, because the reviewer had a horrible journey to get to the place—a cab that drowned in water, a date that smelled like vomit…and give the business 3 stars but never actually mentioning the restaurant. WHY? And the reviews of Walgreens, McDonalds…some that are only written so that member can get the first review in. Or just one-liners about some yelp-only joke.

No thanks. Zero stars.

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