Warning: Real Users

A (unnamed) friend has relayed me this warning about doing interviews in people’s homes. Sometimes after all, you’ll see what is normal to others, but not normal to you. Or moreso, you’ll see something that perhaps will scar you for life.

Because real people (unlike you and me) are dangerous and unpredictable beings.

The coworker was conducting an in-house interview of a product that had been deployed in homes. This particular interview took place in a household of a brother and sister with the sister as the primary participant.

Because the product was setup in the brother’s room, the interview was conducted in that room. Unfortunately in the middle of the interview, the brother returned home from a date. With the date of course. And demanded to have the room to himself. Kicked out, the researcher and the sister went to another room to finish the interview.

Unfortunately, the researcher realized he left some tapes in the brother’s bedroom and convinced the sister to (politely) ask for them. The sister knocked on the door. The brother walked out of the door. Naked. Full frontal. Without any discretion or embarrassment. Or hesistation. In the room, the date was asleep in the bed.

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