City and Suburb

A few days ago, I uttered words that I shouldn’t have been caught saying.

I am tired of living in the city.

And with holidays approaching, I happily retreated to my parents’ abode in the suburbs of San Francisco. As days passed, I stared in blankness at the television, yearning for something to really be good on On Demand.

“Go out,” they said, tired of the sudden appearance of a couch potato.

But to where? I thought. Bed, Bath and Beyond? Costco? Safeway? The starbucks? To waste gas and pollute the earth?

And instead, I sat trying to finish a stack of DVDs and watching romantic comedies that Chris normally would never let me watch (Prime, Just Like Heaven, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Poseidon, Imagine Me and You)…and the entire second season of Entourage.

And there it was. I missed living in the city where I could go downtown without guilt of environmental pollution and still happily window shopped…to entertain myself. Or I could walk down Mission fingering the cheap plastic cups and the faux jewelery proudly displayed on matching tables. And even then, I could hold Valencia oranges and sometimes even Meyer lemons and think about how organic I wanted to be that day.

But in Lafayette, I was 2 miles away from things. And those things were simply nearly like strip malls. So instead, I played Yoshi Touch N Go, my current DS game of choice.

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