Reducing the bacon

There’s spam. And then there’s the bacon.

Back in the early day of the Internet, I used to subscribe to a weekly mailing newsletter. It contained jokes and other funny material. And when I first got my cellphone, I used to receive a word of the day by txt message.

Now I could never endure that kind of information overload. I would ignore the messages. I receive monthly credit card bill reminders, but I nearly disregard them because I also get weekly yelp newsletters, ticketmaster updates, facebook notifications, friendster notifications, all my airlines updates, other credit card updates, my websites notifications, Cal Athletics newsletters, CMU alumni reminders, Amazon advertisements, reminders, my photo sites advertisements…

All in addition to personal email.

One new year’s resolution is to reduce the amount of bacon I receive.

At least I don’t use a RSS reader where it’s filled with many random feeds that I may or may not read.

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