Air, Air, Air

Dearest Air,

When I first saw you, I was in love. You were going to be my next love after my baby powerbook.

You see, my baby powerbook was everything I wanted. Lightweight. Thin and small. Eye-dazzling. Sexy. And the this powerbook is with me and not you bragging rights. Unfortunately years passed (almost 4) and my baby powerbook is becoming slower and slower. And gaining all this unnecessary bangs and marks.

The baby powerbook is still chugging.

But I laid eyes on you. Thin. Dazzling. Light. So many fans. And you were going to be mine for a tiny price of $1799.

Then I realized you had no disc drive and you stole drives from others.

That’s like borrowing toilet paper from your next door neighbor every single time, because you couldn’t afford to get your own.

Um…so…ok bye!


2 thoughts on “Air, Air, Air

  1. lol – i spent a minute or so trying to come up with a better analogy than your toilet paper one, but i concluded that it is not possible.

  2. holy crap. my mouth is hanging open (this from the mac hater)

    um… except for that disc drive thing. it kind of is like borrowing toilet paper. lol.

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