Jinx the phone, did you…

Today, I said to Joe, “My phone battery never dies. Unlike some people…”

I was alluding to the fact that I always kept my phone charged and diligently used the phone so that I never got the “battery dead” message.

As I said that, I wanted to say “knock on wood”, but thought I was getting superstitious in my pretentious moment. How could I jinx my phone?

Well apparently I did.

I was talking to my sister on the phone walking along Valencia. I hung up as I crossed the side street and dropped my phone in the process. The back of the phone and the battery popped out. I thought cheap phones just can’t stick together and promptly put the phone together, expecting that it will work.

Unfortunately it did not.

Everything was fine. Except the screen. It lit up, but nothing displayed. Just a white empty screen. I figured out that I could call people by using my speed dial, but nothing more.

I thanked my luck stars that I was incredibly anal about copying my phone numbers to my digital address book.

So now, I will carry a screenless phone…like before the days of caller id. Feel free to call me, because I won’t know it’s you. In fact, telemarketers can also call me, because I won’t know it’s you.

“Hello?” I’ll answer instead of the cherry “Hi [insert name here]”.

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