“I reached the end,” I sighed in sorrow.

And the little characters waved goodbye to each other. Giving goodbye presents such as a hammer and a cookie.

Today marks the day that I have completed my first rpg game.

Namely, Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time on the Nintendo DS. Before this, I had only played SimCity and the Sims for days at a time. Then Animal Crossing and Yoshi’s Touch N Go which was overcome by Mario and Luigi. But really, as I discovered, it’s the story that kept me going even though it was just a red man and a green man running and jumping for items.

At some point in my life, a friend tried to get me to play Final Fantasy. XII, that is. I thought it was arduous as we sat in bed watching the game play out on his projector. I didn’t get the turn-based system and kept going only because he wanted to do so.

I like Mario and Luigi mostly because of all its tutorialness. And how over time, I learn how to make the right decisions during battles. How do people learn otherwise? And it, it’s so fascinating. Because it becomes a world where you make decisions. And when you make them, you have to have skill to execute those decisions.


Probably just picross!

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