I met you 4 times before

“You look familiar,” he said after I had casually said hi while passing him and 2 friends. “Do I know you?”

Two years ago, I made a vow that I would not slink away in guilty timidness when I pass someone I knew. When I saw him in the distance, I debated furiously whether I would say hi to him knowing he probably wouldn’t recognize me. Or would he? Regardless, I wasn’t supposed to keep slinking away from people I meet.

So I said hi and to his question, I quietly said with a smile, “Oh just 4 times before.”

Although I wanted to smack myself in the head later for saying something stupid.

He stopped and tried to study my face. For the next time. I explained the 4 other times we met. The other 4 times that he didn’t remember my name either. The Stirr mixer. The housewarming party. The yelp party. Another 2.0 event?

He bowed slightly and asked, “Do you live around here?”

“Yup, just a few blocks away,” I nodded noticing his two friends were pacing up ahead. “Good to see you again.”

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