Do I know you?

It was slightly awkward. I was having a business lunch and was trying hard to make a good impression. When a girl noticed me and I noticed her. Without thinking, I smiled lightly and waved. Then I turned to continue the conversation with my lunch partner about the greater design of good and user experience is changing (or not at all) in our times.

I realized in the back of my head that I couldn’t remember where I knew her from. I felt a little bit of guilt creep to the back of my throat, but I ignored it diving into the conversation.

But then the girl walked up to me and interrupted my intense stream of thought, “Do I know you? What’s your name again?”

I paused stepping in front of my lunch partner to greet her, “My name is Jenn.”

She said her name, but I couldn’t catch it. Then she said, “I met you at Jacqueline’s party.”

“Oh yes,” I nodded and smiled. I felt guilty suddenly because I couldn’t remember… don’t know a Jacqueline…couldn’t continue the conversation with her because I was in an intense conversation with the lunch partner. But I shook the thought out.

Later, I found out that I met her at a dinner party and that she kept saying how we probably would run into each other at lunch since we worked so close together. She seemed excited and I was excited too. Except that 2 months had passed and I had forgotten all about it.

But I won’t let it happen 4 times.

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