I wrote a story about stars and illustrated it

There was a star once. A he-star who loved looking upon the world. He knew everything and everyone. For many years, he was satisfied because he helped the world by glowing brightly and granting as many wishes as he could.

But he started feeling lonely high up in the sky. He once had a companion, but they always were attracted to the freewheeling meteors and shooting stars. Sometimes he wanted to give it all up.

But then he realized if he left, who could take his place of glowing brightly high in the night sky?

Over time, he grew icy to protect himself.

One day, a she-star passed by and looked out at the star. She closed her eyes and made a wish. The wish flew up to the he-star. The words gleaming the he-star read, “I wish that I could find a way to light the darkness, to whisk the loneliness far far away.”

He looked down at her, her hopefulness and earnesty melting his ice. She didn’t care how awkward he was. The star in lonely part of the sky. She didn’t even look away when shooting stars blasted across the sky. She carefully had chosen him, the steady light that never diminished every night.

To fulfil her wish, he shone as he normally did, but more brightly for her. Lighting the darkness that was night. As nights passed, his icy exterior melted with the girl’s stories carried up to him. Of the love of music. Of the great adventures she wanted to take. He too shared his love of movies, gadgets, and travel.

And so they chose each other to look together over the world.

He still became distant when he was upset. She was sad that he didn’t want to talk during those times, but was always patient. He wanted to change for her.

She had trouble organizing things and often lost many things. But he too had the incredible patience that nobody had for her.

As time passed, their orbit became closer and closer. Until they became a supernova, brightening the universe for many years.

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