His name is Red

He likes call himself Red, like Morgan Freeman’s character in The Shawshank Redemption. He knows how to get stuff. For free. For cheap. You need something, he can get it for you. Even if it’s sold out. Anything.

At first, I was intrigued. I first asked, “I need speakers. I don’t have any.”

He called me up and said to meet him in Berkeley. It was almost like a secret underground exchange as he popped his trunk and gave me…speakers. It was what I asked for, but I thought it was going to be sleek, modern, state-of-the-art speakers.

Regardless though, I would like to be Red. Sometimes to a few friends, I am the one who knows the restaurants, the bars. I know where people should visit on their first time to San Francisco, Pittsburgh…etc. I just know, but I don’t often offer my wares.

He often gets a lot of junk from friends—a computer that crashed, broken digital cameras…and speakers. Seeing the value in them, he can fix them up quite easily and find a use.

He has told me to help him widen his market. I am now a games dealer where I should walk around with a trench coat and whisper hey look sir at what I have here, opening my jacket slightly. I know you would love to have Madden, wouldn’t you? It’s sold out in stores. I like being the one who can deliver, but I don’t know how to wheel and deal. I can’t keep it up, smiling when a deal goes sour. I compromise and back out too quickly.

I still have the computer speakers though. Lately, I am listening to the Loco Roco soundtrack. I love the happiness it brings me of simple blobs floating through the air.

1 thought on “His name is Red

  1. 109 pictures of toad?!?!? that’s a lot. you nerd.

    I watched shawshank for the first time (finally) the other day. next time I am up in the bay area I will find you for some of your wares (interesting places to go) because I no longer know what to do up there other than sit around at home and drink with my mom and dad and brothers.

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