Inside there was movement

On the way to work, I always walk past the former US Federal Mint Building. Especially now that Mint Plaza is there.

But the building is boarded empty. Nothing inside. It was one of the last buildings standing after the fire spread after the 1906 earthquake. And how everyone had to stand on its rooftops staring down at the destroyed city, guarding a third of the nation’s money inside.

A few days ago, I saw light inside. A few windows were uncovered. Figures moving through lit hallways inside the stony walls.

A chandelier in the main entrance was lit. Five globes suspended in air. There was electricity. I searched online for a story, but there was none. I had been walking past the building for 17 months and never saw life inside. Why now?

There’s really cool music in the Mint Plaza at noon on Fridays!

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