Visiting Great America

“Do you want to go to Great America?” my mom excitedly asked me on the phone several weeks ago.

I had woken up. A Saturday, I think it was.

“There’s a deal. It’s on the 17th. 2 tickets for $53. And you get hot dog, chips and ice cream! In the Chinese newspaper. There’s also a Children’s talen show!”

Of course, she had meant that it was for me and whoever I wanted to go with. Not for her of course.

The week before, I walked all the way to Chinatown during my lunch break. Decided not to express myself in broken Chinese and bought tickets. The lady at the Sing Tao counter spoke in hesitant broken English and handed me the tickets.

And then we checked something off our list of things we need to do last Sunday—visit Great America or Marine World or Cedar Point. On our list still, there are things like picnic at Sutro Baths and build a snowman just right—bottom as big as possible, top slightly smaller.

Spongebob says hello!

As expected going with Chris also means that my experience wouldn’t be just like going with anyone else.

Highlights of the Sunday

  • Always sitting in the front row of nearly every ride
  • Riding a few kiddie rides where we were supposed to be accompanied by a kid—but of course you can’t tell the age of Asians
  • eating multiple hot dogs and ice cream
  • Meeting Spongebob, Patrick, Dora and Diego
  • Dora coming over and flirting with Chris
  • Flying like the Eagles
  • Watching a children’s talent show entirely conducted in Mandarin and Cantonese, all of which we have barely any fluency in
  • Nodding like we understand Chinese when families approached our table to ask if the seats were taken
  • Taking VTA from mountain view to great america rather than paying the parking fee
  • “Cutting in line” in the rapid river rapids
  • Realizing that wearing a dress isn’t a good idea at amusement parks even if the dress is designed for athletics
  • Winning a stuffed animal at the cup toss
  • Surprised that the guy could guess taiche’s age within a month at the guess age/birthday month/weight, but the guy still let us get a prize
  • Squeezing water out from clothes when standing in line after going on a water ride
  • Chris letting me drive…perhaps the only time?
  • I had a good day
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