But you see, they do it for their country

“See look,” I began. “They had to wear adult diapers and they switched out a girl just because she wasn’t cute enough.”

And despite being of Chinese descent, I couldn’t stand that not everyone was Westernized. “The director too!” I said. How could they steal the very thing that humans are. We aren’t slaves of course! We have the right to have a free will and be treated fairly.

But even my dad who at the age of 3 left China to Hong Kong…whose grandparents once landowners were forced to do hard labor in the fields, “You see, they are communists. There’s good and bad. The Chinese work hard and because they do, they are happy about it. Because it’s for the country, not for themselves.”

I shut up, because in some way, I wouldn’t be able to understand the way the Chinese worked. I don’t understand the dedication of an entire life to something—to be taken away from people. I have an education because it was required and am living a life of excess.

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