It’s truly a miracle

“Everything is sweet,” it said.

And then I was immediately excited and enthralled. I was fascinated. I had to have the miracle berry. I don’t miss such opportunities.

So then I thought about buying it online or by ebay. I will have it.

Even a friend was going to put it on her 101 things in 1001 days.

But wait, this can change my perception of taste. It’s a chemical. It lasts only 30 minutes. You can eat cheese and lemon and think it’s a dessert. For several moments, everything is different.

The funny thing is that I have always been against the idea of chemicals altering my experience. And yet I am a hypocrite. I use painkillers when I am horribly throbbing in pain. I take antihistamines. I take all these other drugs. I take antibiotics. In some sense, they are altering the experience. Not always for better health, but as prevention.

Is it a recreational drug? Should be termed as such?

Regardless, maybe this will help me eat the green leafy vitamin-laden, fiber-filled vegetables that I leave cold on my plate.

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