Purposefully decentralize yourself

She had an unique name and I was curious. Besides, she wasn’t romantic interest nor was she even a friend. With recent drama (that’s none of my business), I had to know.

I proceeded to google her. I found her blog easily. Her linkedin. Her portfolio. Her flickr feed.

Then…her twitter feed. I couldn’t help looking through several pages.

I deduced certain facts. There were stories hidden in the small tweets. Small comments alluding to something bigger. Comments about what she was doing and who she was with. Then I found myself in summize wondering what conversations she was having. Links scattered in her twitter to other parts of her life. It was a free conversation describing inner thoughts and future plans.

But wait. I don’t really know her. I have been seen her 3 times barely for a minute each time—usually accompanied with slightly awkward hellos and goodbyes. Her high heels are more recognizable then her face. She had become a mysterious celebrity. Overnight.

Note to self: work on purposefully decentralizing self in all social networks.

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