A solitary weekend

Typically, I spend the entire weekend with my partner in crime, but this weekend, the partner was off attending to “matters of importance”.

So in effect, I did the following to keep the mind nimble, the fingers quick, the consciousness occupied, and worries sedated:

  • participated in planning a reunion—almost five months in advance
  • picked up animal crossing doll
  • eat froyo
  • failed attempt to visit California Academy of Sciences on opening day
  • get lost going to Stern Grove
  • dizzy frustrating getting lost trip on highway 1 and the 280
  • picked up only a small bag of dried apricots at the Alemany Farmer’s Market
  • took parents to Hard Knox Cafe to experience soul food
  • visiting Dolores park for the (uninteresting) indie arts festival
  • watching Circus Bella push huge cylinders of water over (at first, i thought they were causing trouble and nearly went over to push the cylinders of water back up
  • explored clothing and book stores
  • went to the Greek Festival but decided that the fee wasn’t worth it
  • wandered in several home decor stores

  • bought three nectarines, a strawberry basket and a head of lettuce
  • finished writing persona-based scenarios
  • replied to urgent emails
  • ate pork and beans
  • eat dim sum
  • fix grandmother’s digital antenna and VHS player
  • went to SF Comedy Day
  • unimpressed with the lineup
  • tea at Samovars!
  • tidy up and clean room
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