Who has a better quality of life?

We would all like to think that we strive for the pursuit of happiness equally. That once we have harvested our fruits, we are content. The world should not trouble us more if at all.

But to me, it almost seems there are two types of personalities. Differing in tolerance of reaction and change. Differing in acceptance of injustices of life.

There is the passive, introverted one. One who is likely to perhaps be pushed around. Walked all over. But in spite of it all, react almost passively to injustice. In some way, it is better. In times of anger, those are the ones who may seem more controlled even if the reaction is just slow to start. Take the safest route.

Then there is the active almost aggressive one. One who speaks first. The one who shouts and protests in face of injustice. American society suggests this is who we should strive to be. But in observation, these are the ones who get into more trouble. Not trouble I mean with the law, but the arguments with strangers and perhaps risk-taking behavior.

I would like to see myself as the latter, but I am so naturally the former. In face of injustice, I react slowly processing the event. Did she just kick me out of my seat? Then I pause for a moment, considering my response. I should say something! I didn’t like how I was treated. Then I process some more until the moment passes. She is leaving. It really doesn’t matter. And then maybe a minute later, I am relieved that I didn’t do anything. She is disabled, but I couldn’t see.

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