This is a frustrating moment

There is a singular goal. It all depends on you now.

You shout your commands. These are the ones that are meant to be heard. You cannot do it alone and only you can see it through.

But nothing happens. The landscape stays unchanged. The sun stuck in the sky and the moon out of reach. It stays. In your mind, you will it to change. Change! you shout. But the trees, the sky, the water don’t hear you.

Or if they do, they complain. They can’t do it. They don’t have the power to change. You have the suggestions, the recommendations, the steps…you give it all to them. You are giving. You are constantly giving. You don’t think that you are commanding—an malevolent force. You rule with empathy and patience.

But perhaps, they don’t see you that way. And that’s why time is frozen and unchanging.

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