It was finally installed

“Beautiful,” he said holding the small piece from the envelope.

Holding it in the light, he showed it to me. I nodded my head quietly. Finally. After almost a year of waiting.

As he put it in, I was suddenly afraid. Was this it? Last year in March, I cried in pain—pain of losing not physical pain. “What do I do?” I wailed standing in the doorway. A few weeks later, I found a solution and started making the financial payments. Ironically, I gritted my teeth as I handed over my credit not once, not twice, but three times.

And today…at 9:40 am, I was sitting in a chair as I finally received what I had paid in money, time, sweat, pain, tears, sleepless nights…

I blinked and it was over. It was in. It felt tight. I tested it and he gave me a mirror. I was normal again.

“Beautiful?” he asked.

I nodded.

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