*sob* The instructional server named mamba came back up after it crashed yesterday at 9 am. Do you know what this means? I have to do my CS project! Waaaaaaah! :(

Fortunately though, because we couldn\’t log into the home directories at all today, all CS labs were cancelled. Unfortunately this lab was supposedly really hard and would have been very helpful for the CS final. It was on Verilog and…something. Heh, I forgot. It\’s funny…my TA Kai posted the fact that all lab sections were cancelled because of the server crash and bragged that he would be able to watch…a Chinese show? Yeah.

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  1. So were you happy or unhappy that you didn\’t get to do the lab? Since proj5 uses verilog, doing the lab might be helpful. I need to do this stuff too, they didn\’t teach it last semester. >_

  2. hehehee mamba! ours is called arctic. ^_^ and yeah, sometimes it\’s nice that lab is cancelled, but in the long run it would be better if it weren\’t..

  3. Eh, the instructional eecs servers have boring names. dv310, star, nova…then there\’s the machines for the 61b people – all last names of someone

    I like the OCF computer names – death, anarchy…

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