Things I did in LA

  • Watched my sister receive her doctor of optometry!
  • Eat a quick meal at Surya BBQ
  • Go to Disneyland at 4 pm!
  • Experience the most dizzy ride ever on the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup thanks to Chris
  • Had a great time on Mr. Toad’s wild ride
  • Go through It’s a Small World during the fireworks
  • Ride Splash Mountain at 10:30 pm
  • Ride Space Mountain at 11:00 pm
  • Ride Indiana Jones at midnight after the ride broke down repeatedly during the day
  • Shoot aliens in Astro Blasters
  • Picked up by parents at 12:30 am so that we didn’t have to pay for parking
  • Slept on the worst sofa bed ever
  • But still was not woken up at 2:30 am by my sister returning from the LA clubs
  • Ate a lunch at Renaissance bistro with a baby shower and another graduate
  • Visiting the Echo Park Time Travel Store as part of 826 LA
  • Finally eating ice cream at Scoops
  • Failing to find LA street carts
  • Eat at Shabu Shabu house in Little Tokyo
  • Waiting for more than an hour to eat at Shabu Shabu house
  • Buying mochi for only a $1 each
  • Finding Calbi BBQ even though their twitter hasn’t been updated for a month and eating a korean taco!
  • Eating yet another Japanese dessert
  • Getting to know a friend of Chris’ in Monterey Park
  • Watching more Wheel of Fortune than I ever have before
  • Given a creepy stare in the dark when I walked into the wrong driveway with all my luggage
  • Driving in LA
  • Eating at a Taiwanese cafe where no English is spoken nor written
  • Driving in LA II
  • Circling around downtown LA when the GPS sent me on a wild goose chase
  • Eating ebelskivers at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market
  • Finding authentic mini Thai coconut pancakes
  • Visiting the Grove…again
  • Eat an ice cream sandwich at Milk
  • Matzo ball soup at Canter’s
  • Have some cookies and milk at Diddy Reese, checking off an item on the list
  • Listening to the entire Phantom of Opera original cast recording all the way back to the Bay Area
  • 3 thoughts on “Things I did in LA

    1. yah i remember! it was to eat a cookie from diddy reese with chris. remember, we did it with alan too!

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