Part III: How to throw a miracle berry party

How do you serve the miracle berry? How do you serve it in such a way so that everyone gets the best experience?

Chris serving miracle berries

Firstly, it’s easy for people to dive in, skip the written instructions and flavor trip wildly. I mean, what else would we do once we are surrounded by sugar? Secondly, the miracle berry deserves to be treated with such magnificence and awe.

At a moment that I determined to be appropriate (when my living room/kitchen was suddenly filled with 17 people and everyone was settling down), I motioned to Chris to start the announcements. He read the following instructions (which I also had printed out) near the main table. Of course, being Chris, he couldn’t help but add a bit of flair and flourish.

How to Use the Miracle Berry

Try tasting a few things before trying the berry.
Unfortunately, this fell on deaf ears because we promptly served the berry after the announcements instead of sending people to eat foods and then seek the berry. Make sure this is a requirement. Many people did not know the difference with or without the berry.

Cleanse your palate with some water.
A few people had started drinking beer prior to the berry, which affected the overall taste.

Place the berry in your mouth. It will thaw in seconds. Remove the pulp completely from the seed with your tongue and teeth (without biting the seed). Swallowing or eating the seed will not do anything, but it certainly is not tasty. Take the seed out of the mouth.
Easier than it sounds.

Take the seed out of your mouth.
Make sure to have a wastebasket nearby for seed disposal as the seeds ended up all over the place since my trash bin was not visible.

Make sure the juices and pulp coat your whole mouth. Do not quickly swallow down the berry.
Also very easily done.

Allow a few minutes for the berry to take full effect.
The most frequently asked question.

And then try the foods!!!!

One of the most important advice to provide here is to have antacids available. There will always be the few people who overdose on acidic foods like lemons and tabasco. This is not a drug, but just like any foods, if you eat too much, you will experience some unpleasantries.

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