Mission #1: Move over, Hitchcock

In doing the street food scavenger hunt, the latest task was to incorporate the ceiling of a local bar in a photo…into a movie poster.

Unfortunately on that evening, I did not understand what the actual mission was. Just that a photo needed to be taken with the ceiling. So I took Toad with me and asked Ta-ching to take a picture of me with the ceiling, Toad and me.

Prep for movie poster

There was something strange about heading into the dark, dim bar on Folsom. I had just come from rolling from Chez Spencer on the Go. Feeling dim-witted and obnoxious, I sauntered into the bar looking for the easy way out to accomplishing the mission.

I hurried to a dark corner where nobody was sitting and took out my props. Creation on the spot was impossible, but I tried to do faces as I held up toad toward the birds. And ta-ching held the camera steady as I felt ridiculous in front of the bar patrons who glanced over at us…sporadically sipping their expensive cocktails. The cocktails that I didn’t know that I was supposed to order.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

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