This is the best voice mail

Ta-ching’s Google voice number automatically transcribes all incoming voice mail. Apparently, I do not know how to enunciate and I have nicknames for everyone. Also as proven by many interviewers over the phone, I slur my words.

Here is an example voice mail from today when I was demanding (or requesting) that Ta-ching pick me up from the caltrain station at 22nd and Pennsylvania at 6:37 pm. I was crossing a busy street during the mid-point of the voice mail as a bus roared by.

Hi teaching why I called your wrong number before, but now the number
will be 10 to 5 so I hope I’m leaving you a nice voice mail. Good
morning Eric, call me soon, but since you didn’t pick up. Thank you
and you’re not coming through this way and point to go ahead and set
something up so have a nice for no an email the bye.

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