Someone is closer to thirty! Not me!!!!! :D

Chris is the best at:

  • getting the best price for a DVD (legally)
  • talking to strangers (because I can’t)
  • folding clothes
  • driving across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco in under 10 minutes when I am in a rush
  • solving word puzzles
  • getting movie and music allusions
  • providing a play-by-play game commentary for any sport (when deliberately asked
  • speaking in French
  • knowing facts about everything (except how to live in San Francisco and how tampons work)
  • playing Guitar Hero
  • being super-reliable
  • staying up all night to solve YOUR problem even if it would not influence him
  • driving far to see you because you said you needed him
  • knowledgeable to know what to do during a car accident
  • cleaning the kitchen floor
  • making jiang jen mien
  • coming up with witty captions
  • posing for ridiculous and over-the-top photos and videos
  • comfortable with making a fool of himself
  • not losing you at a concert
  • selfless in a place when you’re super tired and want to go even you know he doesn’t want to leave
  • relating to anyone including your aunt who has never met anyone outside her home town and your friend who spent some time in jail
  • loving cute stuff and dolphins
  • being who he is…!
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