An idea for a new blog or twitter

Inspired by friends’ niche blogs and twitters, I thought…well why not. I have my own creativity, my dedication to blogging and fascination with twitter.

And I started considering what I do normally every day:

  • Wavering levels of social anxiety
  • Think about how people could really SAVE MONEY in a stingy, ridiculous way
  • Use foursquare almost obsessively
  • Obsessively check twitter, facebook and email
  • Be the early adopter of any web service
  • Read tons of reviews
  • Study recipes
  • Finger and touch produce
  • Brainstorm about the many ways a potato can be used
  • Don’t drive a car
  • Play WordFu
  • Research my health ailments
  • Make to do lists
  • Ok, so now…what’s unique about me that I can share with the world? Uncertain…

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