“Let me see,” he said silently.

Two summers ago, Jack showed us the view he had in his office, overlooking the robotics lab at CMU. Despite having taken the shortcut through it to classrooms in NSH, I was curious. There was a small space between all the desks that allowed a single viewer to peer through the robotics lab—the one with robots ready for Mars, the rovers…all incredible stuff.

I took the first look, tip-toeing to take in everything. After a moment, Chris softly patted my right side. A pat not like one for a child, but rather a gesture that recalled the soft calming touch of a young bunny.

I willingly, silently stepped aside to let him see and he tip-toed to look.

Later, Jack mentioned that moment to me—you were moving in unison. To the outsider, it was as if there was no signal at all. As if you could reach other minds.

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