Top 10 impactful moments of the past decade OF ME

So there are the most important events of the last decade (including George W. Bush’s election) and Newsweek’s video of the past decade in 7 minutes. But what about me?!

Today I realized that I never knew how to make a blog not about me. And that despite the many times I have thought about it, I just can’t write a niche blog. Cooking, sports, movies, etc. Because the niche I know very well is…simply me.

I realize that the big world events have had less impact on me. Sure 9/11 made me think more about mortality and terrorism. And the swine flu has made me insecure. And celebrity deaths has made me insert them into my dreams even thought I never cared about them.

Although I am less self-centered than I used to be, but now for the voyeurs out there…I realize it’s the choices and decisions I made!

10. Buying a 12″ powerbook in 2004
After so much indecision, I had a friend who was interning at Pixar (back then, it was part of Apple) buy a powerbook for me. It was the best decision I ever made. After having switched to a PC at the start of college, I was ready for a change. I was hardcore Windows until working as a RCC made me hate windows for all the vulnerabilities and un-friendly behavior. Turns out becoming a mac lover turned my life around. For both acceptance, for understanding craft and design and the portability my desktop could not afford.

9. Volunteering to be an organizer for the Rescomp Reunion in 2009
With my sudden explosion of wanting recognition as a result of breaking free of my usual social anxiety, a friend and I started organizing a reunion. In the end because of nobody stepping up, I stepped up. As did the friend. But rising to the occasion gave me such perception into how things are done. How management is done. How to motivate people and plan for such a complex project. I hate to say it, but it did confirm how I inherently enjoy management as much as I scream through the process.
In organizing the rescomp reunion, I was able to establish and foster connections that I had unable to do so before. And I hope that those relationships will forge a great future.

8. Buying an airplane ticket to LA in 2000
This moment is most famous for the night that I went on priceline and entered $20 for a roundtrip from SFO to LAX. Including tax. Being pre-9/11, there was so much lax rules. Little did I know that this act would cement my first relationship, the first “boyfriend”. The one that taught me how to be geeky and enjoy trance music. Fortunately the latter has completely disappeared, but the former is a habit that has made me a know-it-all and a DIYer in problem solving.

7. Being accepted to UC Berkeley (starting with Fall Extension) in 2000
Well duh, one of the biggest phases in my life. If I had been accepted to UCLA, who knows what I would have done. Would I have gone? And where would I be now? Sure I spent most of those 4 years unsure of my direction, but never choosing something. I did things adequately, barely trying that hard for anything. But so many people, so many choices came from that school.

6. Being accepted to Carnegie Mellon University for the masters of human computer interaction in 2004
I remember the day that I was accepted. I was at the library in Toland Hall, studying for a psychology class. Or maybe I was wasting time before the psychology class. Whatever the case was…I was checking my email and there was an email from the mhci coordinator.
Like graduation from high school, I intended that graduate school would be different. I was to be less close-minded…try new things…do all the things that I was too timid to do. And so those two years affected me in ways that other phases never did.

5. Deciding to live in the Mission in 2006
Or better yet, living in San Francisco. After spending 4 months in my parents’ house, I had to go. Being in the Mission enriched my life in so many ways. It was close to everything. And everyone wanted to stop by. But I am not sure if it really became my own…not yet at least.

4. Watching Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture in 2007
Although I had graduated by then and moved to California, I was enthralled. I had heard much about Randy (all professors go by first names at CMU at least to grad students) and wanted to take his class at the ETC. And so when I first saw the video just like countless others, I was inspired.
This is where I started writing again, cooking…beading…mostly re-discovering my passion.
And making sure that my goals aligned with my mission. Which always be…the pursuit of happiness.

3. Applying to the Rescomp internship in 2004
It was such a hasty decision walking by 8.5 by 11 in poster in Foothill. I talked to the boy mentioned in #8. And I applied. I got the internship but didn’t get the job the following year. I was asked to re-apply and although it felt very undermining, I applied again when asked. This whole job brought me to a whole new level in dealing with “customers” and solving problems. Also, it gave me extra income…and ways to cheat the system by spending hours sitting in front of the computer waiting for a scan to finish. Well hey it was being paid!

2. Hastily applying for an interaction designer job at Method in 2007
Careerwise, this was a very good move. Now working for another design firm, I realized how much basics I learned there. About designer dynamics, business dev, project management and design in products. Most importantly, how to get things done.
I chose Method only because it was one of the studios mentioned in the top 10 studios at DUX in San Francisco. Eliminating all the industrial design firms, I chose this one. And who knew that I would make so many connections. And that people could say…”You were at Method???!”

1. Going to the rubber ducky derby race in Oakland in 2006
This is where Chris and I connected over horchata! So there!

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