My life would suck without you!

A few days ago, I said, “My life would suck without you!”

In response, he said, “Huh?”

And then I continued, “Baby I was stupid for telling you goodbye!”

And he said, “Isn’t that the Kelly Clarkson song?”

I had already started, “Maybe I was wrong for trying pick a fight! I know that I have got issues!”

And he said, “Omg, are you quoting the actual song?”

But I couldn’t help myself, “But you are pretty messed up top! But I know…that…………” I paused for dramatic effect.

“AYYYY,” he exclaimed. “Did you know she got fat?”

“We are nothing without each other!” I shouted. “You got a piece of me! And honestly! My life…MY LIFE! WOULD SUCK…would suck…WITHOUT YOU!”

“She was cute and everything, but the fat look doesn’t work for her.”

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