Circles cannot help but intersect

I dislike recalling statements that we say over and over again…but it’s true…

Our world is so small.

How does someone you decide to separate from…a former friend, an acquaintance…how do they end up back in your circle again?

In reflecting this yesterday, perhaps we all harbor the same preferences of friendship. We choose our friends unconsciously and in effect, those friends will choose similar friends until…the circles you wanted separated now intersect.

Whether it’s through common interests, through a common high tolerance…and oddly enough ethnicity.

I like to call myself an American who happens to be Asian. I identify myself as a human first, then by my interests, perhaps my career…then by where I live…then of schooling…then nationality, then ethnicity. What’s fascinating is that Asian Americans that I knew more than 10 years ago somehow keep popping up on my radar over and over again. Do we happen to move toward the same career field? Do we always be friends with those who look similar to us?

But why I am chuckling now is because I know that the non-Asians that I knew 10 years ago will not intersect my circle. They just don’t. I am not sure why. Will I ever run into the “friends” I had in high school?

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