There is a strange moment when you judge

Today I went to a bar in the lower Haight and looked at people. I scanned them, glancing at the way they were dressed and the way they smelled (if I could smell them). Were they too young? Did they smell of smoke or any other substance? Were they a young professional or one of those people who wanted to make it big…because in America, you can. If you put your mind to it.

But really I looked at their name tag. Did they have pets? If they did, not even a glance, not even a word. Were they looking for something under $800? Scratch off. Can they carry a conversation even if it’s small talk? Great.

It was so brief and quick. And even though I was angry walking out, realizing that not many people at that meetup could even afford the soon-to-be vacant room, I realized how quickly I judged people. Like speed-dating, but this was speed-roommating.

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