I envy those who don’t know what to do

I am a non-acceptor.

When someone complains about their work, but then they spend more than 10 years doing the same thing…and eventually say, “I am comfortable here”.

It is the kind of thing that mows my brain into mush, the kind of thing that a deep scream wants to violently tear through the room…it’s that kind of thing.

But if that someone doesn’t know what to do…then that’s a different kind of thing.

Most people—in general in my observations—don’t have a clearly defined idea of what they want to do. It’s usually aligned with a I want to make money so that I can be like everyone else.

Unfortunately, when I was 8 or so, I had decided that I wanted to create. Create big things…create ideas…create masterpieces…and create things that could change people…to make people say “Wow, I never had thought of it that way before.”

Of course, along the way, I found that I had a natural talent for analytical subjects—math, science…development. I was good at project management…and had this slightly organizational side (digitally, fyi). And so that smothered some of that creative yearning.

I wonder if everyone is born with natural motivation, goals in mind. It doesn’t seem like most people are both with it. After all, if that’s the case, then we wouldn’t have so many bus drivers, so many cashiers, so many accountants. Or are there people who really dream of being a cleaning lady?

There was once a friend said that careerwise, she just wanted to do something easy. It was appalling to me. But I have Western middle-class ideals completely entrenched in higher education and yuppie-ness—aim higher. Add oil!

2 thoughts on “I envy those who don’t know what to do

  1. i just want a job that allows me to pursue other things off hours. ;) at least that is where my priorities lie at the moment.

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