They never chased me – Intro

It was the greatest adventure ever. The Journey to the End of the Night.

What is this thing that I have been raving about for months?

Journey to the End of the Night is a free street game of epic proportion. Players race through the haunted cityscape of San Francisco to a series of checkpoints, while avoiding being caught by chasers. Those who fall will become chasers themselves, rising in undeath to pursue their former friends and allies. No skates, no bikes, no cars, just your feet and public transportation.

Last year over 600 participants showed up at Justin Herman Plaza to experience a sprawling night of costumes, alleys, haunted houses, skeletons, bells, stealth, and signatures.


In a story of 8.8 miles, I finished. In contrast to my previous journeys, I had made it from the beginning to the end. Last year, I swore that I wouldn’t do it again, but three weeks before the event, I had forgotten why.

It was a story of cautious bus stops, bush diving, walking/running in the middle of the street, lucky hesitation, ducking behind cars, walking while always looking over the shoulder, dressing in black, dressing as a t-shirt ninja…and never letting a comrade fall behind (ok that didn’t happen).

This is the story of how I made it.

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