To start, it will be my sister and me

My dad titled the above video “It’s all about sharing”.

My sister and me at Verlaine!

It was always my sister and me. I had almost no friends growing up, but my sister would unwaveringly stick by my side even though I was socially awkward and lacked much normalcy.

And so for the first week, it will just be my sister and me trekking through Peru (while Chris has his hands tied by work). That was the initial plan a few years ago when I first flung out the idea of an international trip.

But will she have something tasty with her? And will I run around sticking my finger into it and scolding her for being a baby? Maybe.

1 thought on “To start, it will be my sister and me

  1. Such a cute video. HAHAHA. :) My sister and I were like that. I’m so lucky she still loves me after all I put her through. ;)

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